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Breeding Olde English Bulldogs the Right Way

In the Southern sun where Bulldogs roam,

A breeder's heart, a place called home.

All Southern Dogs with a noble vow,

Breeding Olde English, they're committed now.

Behind every pup, a tale unfolds,

Of sleepless nights and stories untold.

In the quiet hours when the world is still,

A breeder's passion, a determined will.

Under the moon's gentle, guiding light,

Sacrifices made in the silent night.

Missed events, important and grand,

For well-bred Bulldogs, crafted by hand.

They forego sleep, an endless quest,

To nurture puppies, to give them the best.

Each tiny heartbeat, each little paw,

A testament to love, without a flaw.

Through challenges faced, and trials endured,

A breeder's commitment, steadfast and assured.

In every bark, in every playful leap,

The echoes of sacrifices, the breeder keeps.

For Olde English Bulldogs, they stand tall,

Raised with devotion, amidst it all.

So, remember well, as you admire each stride,

Behind every well-bred dog, a breeder's pride.

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