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Seal’s Southern Hazel of All Southern Dogs

All Southern's Hazel

About Hazel

Loyal, playful and an exceptional companion. Hei Hei,(affectionally named after the chicken from Moana by her breeder's children) is a gorgeous, tri lilac female. She is always ready for an adventure, loves life, playing, and especially loves her jolly ball. Hazel is a devoid of all health issues. Born in 2021, she is out of BR. Untouchabull's Lilly of Seal's Family Bulldog, an own daughter of Walkoff Bulldogz Pudge, and Blackwater's The One and Only (Solo). We are super excited about her future.

Hazel's Puppies

More Information


Tri lilac

Date of Birth



Untouchable Lilly

Blackwater’s The One and Only

Unique Traits

Hazel is a playful girl who doesn't realize she's not supposed to be athletic. She was very easy to train and loves going to horse shows. Whenever she meets a new friend, she immediately rolls over for a belly rub.


Hazel loves people and making new friends. With excellent manners, she expects affection in return. She enjoys playing with a tennis ball, chewing bones, and helping with yard work. Hazel loves hunting squirrels with Fancy, Sugar, and Tonka. She adores water and can often be found snoozing under her favorite tree or lounging in her swimming pool on warm days. Peanut butter is her favorite treat, though she'll happily eat anything. She enjoys car rides and is a great companion with her silly personality and adventurous spirit.


Hazel prefers not to be in large groups of dogs or be outside when the lawnmower is running.

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