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All Southern Dogs Sugar


About Sugar

Every dog considers Sugar their best friend. She has a passion for squirrel hunting and enjoys wrestling with Jewels, Mako, and Tonka. Sugar is the ultimate cool girl and the most well-rounded pup. Sugar is exceptionally sweet and incredibly fun. She's highly sensitive to the moods of those around her and deeply attuned to her people.

Sugar's Puppies

More Information


Tri Black

Date of Birth



Olde South’s Jewels

All Southern Dogs Starsky

Unique Traits

Sugar is exceptionally athletic, making life seem effortless for her. She's intelligent and easily trained. When she wants something, she knows how to turn on the charm and get exactly what she desires.


She loves adventures, meeting new people, and getting scratched behind the ear. Always eager to please, she never hesitates to jump into any adventure.


Sugar despises drama and avoids it at all costs. She has a strong desire to make her people happy and feels deeply when she senses any disappointment. Her loyal and caring nature drives her to always do her best to ensure her loved ones are content and at ease.

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