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All Southern Betsy


About Betsy

Meet Betsy, a charming Olde English Bulldog from All Southern Dogs. With a notable pedigree featuring Sunshine Bulls, Godzilla, Scarface, Blockbuilt, Bulky Built, Norton Bulls, and Body Builders, Betsy comes from an impressive lineage. Despite her young age, Betsy is mature beyond her years and has a heart full of love for people, especially children. .

Betsy’s favorite pastime is playing soccer, where she shows off her energetic spirit. After a fun-filled day, she enjoys nothing more than a relaxing bath. Her best canine friend is Poppy, and together they make an adorable pair. Betsy’s delightful personality and affectionate nature make her a beloved member of the All Southern Dogs family.

Betys's Puppies

More Information


Tri lilac

Date of Birth



Olde South’s Jewels

Block Built Zeus

Unique Traits

Betsy is famous for her sweet “puppy dog kisses” that endear her to everyone she meets


Any ball, tug of war, her pool, eating, sleeping, and playing with kids. Betsy is silly, confident, and loves to play.


She hates a crate, and her toenails cut

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