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Block Built's Mako of All Southern Dogs

Blue and White Olde English Bulldog

Name: BlockBuilt’s Mako of All Southern Dogs


Called name: Mako 


Nickname: Amigo 


Birthday and Ages: 10/09/2020


Color: Blue and White


Registered with: ABKC and IOEBA


Notable pedigree: By SunshineBulls’ Blue Draco and out of Bodybuilders Jazzy Jasmine, SunshineBulls, BlockBuilt, Bulkybuilt, Scarface, Godzilla, Bullforce and Bodybuilders 


Produced by: Scott Dawson of BlockBuilt Bulldogs


Acquired by All Southern Dogs in April of 2021

Loves: playing with the tennis ball, chewing the bone on the couch, hugs, sneaking kisses, peanut butter, her family, riding in the car, and wrestling/playing with the other dogs


Dislikes: toenails clipped, and getting in trouble 


Produced puppies: 10 healthy puppies in 2 litters


Unique traits: Mako is very protective of her family. And will immediately alert us if something is not as it should be around the farm. She loves people, including kids, but is the shyest dog we own. She is very athletic and has no problem jumping onto any surface, she especially loves the backporch table. She also loves to swim. 


Block Built's Mako

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