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Looking for the best Olde English Bulldogs? 


Our passion for these adorable and loyal companions drives us to provide top-notch Bulldogs that will steal your heart. With years of experience, we've perfected the art of breeding healthy and high-quality Olde English Bulldogs.


Our puppies are raised in a loving environment, ensuring they are well-socialized and ready to become a part of your family. Whether you're seeking a playful buddy or a devoted guardian, our Bulldogs will exceed your expectations.


Contact All Southern Dogs today and embark on a lifelong journey with the finest Olde English Bulldogs around!

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A strong and stable history of delivering healthy, happy, and loving
Olde English Bulldog Puppies.

All Southern Dogs is committed to helping beautiful, well-tempered, healthy, and adaptable Olde English Bulldog puppies find their forever homes

Our commitment to providing a stable and loving environment leads to happier, healthier, and more even-tempered dogs. 

We love watching the puppies grow with their new families and watching those bonds grow closer over time.

That's why you should choose All Southern Dogs for your next puppy. 

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Our breeding program is founded on the principles of responsible breeding, where we carefully select our breeding dogs based on their genetic health, temperament, and overall physical characteristics.


We only breed Olde English Bulldogs that are healthy, happy, and free of genetic disorders to ensure the health and well-being of their offspring.

We take pride in socializing our puppies from an early age, introducing them to different people, animals, and environments to ensure they grow up to be confident and well-adjusted companions.

Our Breeding Philosophy

Olde English Bulldog Ethical Breeder

We provide a nurturing environment for our puppies, where they are raised with love and care until they are ready to join their new families.

Olde English Bulldog Breeders From the South

About the Owners

Brooke and Michael Estes are the proud owners of All Southern Dogs.


We are an ethical and professional group of breeders located near Metro Atlanta, Georgia. We focus on breeding healthy, happy, and well-adjusted Olde English Bulldogs. 


Our team is focused on quality service and quality dogs, so that you and your family get the best Olde English Bulldog puppies available.

Meet Brooke and Michael Estes.

In 2006, after 5 years of dating Brooke and Michael Estes married and moved into their first home in Social Circle, Georgia.

Brooke grew up with bird dogs, and having dogs actively involved in all of the family activities. Michael was raised with Boxers, English Bulldogs, and Pugs.

Today Brooke and Michael's passion for providing beautiful, healthy, athletic, and trainable dogs is the foundation of All Southern Dogs. Their love sharing this amazing breed with others will continue to be the driving passion for their kennel. 

Why did Brooke and Michael choose

Olde English Bulldogs?


Brooke and Michael knew they wanted to quickly add a dog to their family. Deciding which breed was not simple.


While the English Bulldog's incredible personality and great temperament was appealing; the emotional and financial stress of having a dog with so many health concerns was discouraging.


They wanted a breed of dog that could participate in their active outdoor lifestyle.  A loving dog that would cuddle on the couch was also extremely important.


These desired traits led to them discovering the Olde English Bulldog.  

Brooke and Michael's journey toward becoming professional Olde English Bulldog breeders.

In 2018, Brooke was working full time as an Elementary School Educator. Michael was Executive Operations Manager at the World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA.


They knew that they wanted build a program with a solid foundation. But that would take time. Both Brooke and Michael grew up with their families breeding dogs and horses, they knew that they were not at a place in their lives to handle the demands of breeding kennel.


Unexpectedly, in 2018 their first Olde English Bulldog passed away at age 13. They began looking for another dog, but eventually had to travel out of state to find one. This led to serious conversations about beginning their own program.

All Southern Dogs becomes a leading breeder of Olde English Bulldogs

In March of 2020, Michael was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia, and two weeks later their first litter of Olde English Bulldog puppies was born. Brooke was teaching from home, while the word adapted to the realities of Covid-19 and school closures.

Building relationships with clients and having the privilege of participating first hand with families bringing a new puppy home confirmed their passion for breeding these amazing dogs.  

Through selectively choosing dogs to add to their program, All Southern Dogs is still a relatively small operation. With the strong belief that breeding for excellence takes time and hard work, this program and the All Southern Dog family continues to grow and expand. 


Why We Do It

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All Southern Dogs

Covington, Georgia


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