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Olde English Bulldog Stories: The Party is Never Over until Roxanna (Aka Roxy) Says So!

🎊☺️Roxy (or Roxanna) doesn’t enough recognition! She is our sassy, full of life, opinionated, sweet-hearted loving girl. She is all personality, and never hesitates to share her opinion. Her name changes based on her attitude, from Roxanna, to Rox Rox, or simply Roxy.

She believes she runs the roost, and never hesitates to makes sure everyone knows it. In all of her sassiness, she will refuse to take a treat until she has deemed it something she wants, and there are no better options being offered.

She loves to sleep on her back, and is confident in all surrounding. My nieces are her favorite people, and while opinionated with us, she will do anything they ask. 😉

😉Since she is fixed, her contribution is to be Nanny Roxy! She is the disciplinarian around here and takes that role serious. Because of her gentle, confident demeanor, she is the first dog we introduced the babies to learn social skills. She understands how to be gentle and love the babies, but will not hesitate to firmly teach them “no” means “no.” This is a critical skill that all puppies (especially bulldog puppies) must learn so that they can appropriately interact with other dogs. 🐾👍

🐶When placed with the older puppies, they adore her and fight for her attention. Like the queen she perceives herself as, she quickly reminds them that she will only grace them with attention IF she chooses, and they must play by her rules. Otherwise the game is over, and she always wins. 🏆🥇

👑The older girls love to hunt squirrels and rough house with her. She especially adores Mako. Much like the oldest sister, she will not not think twice of reminding them she has been here the longest and she is the boss. 💫

💙I personally love watching her with the boys. She’s only about 60lbs, but will take Tonka’s 80lbs body down in no time flat. He bows at her feet, and all but grovels for her attention. It is as though he is a humble peasant and blessed to be in the presence of his queen!🤣

🤩Starsky is the only dog we have owned longer than Roxy; he is her favorite. They have their own unique game they play together where he tries to run to the house, and she won’t let him. She will always go squirrel hunting with him, and never gets aggravated at anything he does. Similar to an older brother she adores him. Their relationship is extra special and I love seeing them together! 😍

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