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The Fourth Week of Development: Milestones for Puppies

The fourth week of development is when many milestones for puppies are achieved. This is a puppy's life is a time of significant growth and development. During this week, they continue to make progress in their physical, mental, and social development. In this blog, we will explore the changes that occur during the fourth week of a puppy's life.

Physical Changes

During the fourth week of development; several milestones for puppies are reached. Puppies continue to grow and gain weight. They become more coordinated and can now run and play with more agility. Their teeth are also fully developed, and they start to explore their world by chewing on everything they can get their teeth into.

Puppies also continue to develop their senses during this time. Their sense of smell becomes more acute, and they start to distinguish between different scents. Their eyesight also improves, and they can now see objects from a distance.

Mental Changes

The fourth week is a crucial period for a puppy's cognitive development. They become more curious and start to explore their environment with more confidence.

Puppies also continue to develop their personalities during this week. They start to show more individuality, and their temperaments become more apparent. Some puppies may be more adventurous and outgoing, while others may be more reserved and cautious.

Social Changes

Socialization is essential during the fourth week of a puppy's life. Puppies become more aware of their surroundings and start to interact more with their littermates and other dogs. They also become more comfortable around humans and start to show affection and playfulness.

Puppies also start to learn social skills during this period. They learn to communicate with other dogs using body language and vocalizations. They also start to understand basic commands and respond to their names.


The fourth week of a puppy's life is a time of exciting growth and development. Puppies continue to make significant progress in their physical, mental, and social development. As a puppy owner, it is essential to provide a safe and nurturing environment, socialize them, and provide appropriate training to help them become well-adjusted adult dogs. By doing so, you can help them develop into healthy, happy, and well-behaved companions.

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