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Note from Louie: Seeking My Forever Home

Our boy Louie wanted us to post the following letter that he wrote over the weekend. Louie is getting a little anxious about finding his forever home. We reminded him that the right family just hasn't come along yet. Louie is such a sensitive boy - we constantly remind him that he is loved and will be with his forever family soon.

Dear Potential Paw-rent,

My name is Louie, and I'm not just any Olde English Bulldog puppy - I'm a bundle of love and loyalty seeking my forever family. I have a few preferences I hope to find in my new home:

  1. A deep understanding that a pet is not just a pet, but a cherished family member, with all the perks and responsibilities that come with it.

  2. A commitment to my well-being, including regular vaccinations, parasite treatments, and visits to the vet for both preventative care and in times of need.

  3. A willingness to invest time and energy in my education, shaping me into the best companion I can be.

  4. Compassion and patience, knowing the difference between punishment and cruelty, and opting always for kindness.

If you think you could be the perfect match for me, please reach out. I'm eager to find my forever home with someone who will love and care for me unconditionally.

With hopeful tail wags, Louie

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